Most freqently asked question and answers

⟫ How can I make a booking?

By giving us a call or filling the form via our “Instant Fare Quote” booking platform on our homepage.

⟫ How long does it take to receive confirmation for my booking?

Upon your first booking with us, you will get a Ride-Executive welcome email which contains your account log-in details and password. You will also get an “Acknowledgement” email for the journey(s) you have booked, as well as a “Journey Details” mail when your transport service has been assigned to one of our drivers.

⟫ Are there any additional charges for debit or credit card payments?

We do not charge extra for your debit or credit card payments!

⟫ Will there be other passengers with me in the vehicle I book?

There will not be anyone else traveling with you. We only offer personal executive taxi transport services and private airport transfers, so the price you pay for a vehicle (standard or executive) exclusively covers for you and/or your group.

⟫ When will I get my invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to you on the day of the transfers. If you need it earlier, please make sure you contact our Customer Service Center once you’ve made your booking to request for an invoice.

⟫ How do I find my driver at the airport or station?

The “Journey Details” mail sent to you contains all necessary information and pickup instructions about your transfer.

⟫ Are there any extra charges if my flight is delayed?

No, there are no extra charges if you have a delayed flight. We will monitor your plane’s movement hours before landing.

⟫ Is your company licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed.

Yes, we are fully licensed.

Yes, all of our standard and executive vehicles are fully insured.

⟫ What can you do if my transfer is imminent and I haven’t received any confirmation yet?

Please call +44 1628 30 66 76 and we will work on your booking as soon as possible.

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